There are many factors to consider when looking to replace screen panels in a mining or aggregate process. The right choice can represent a major boost in your operation’s productivity, while an inferior screen panel can significantly cost your organization through lost time and replacement costs.

With decades of experience making top-quality wear materials for the aggregate industry, Iracore understands the importance of selecting the right-wear materials for the job. To assist organizations of all sizes and scopes in making the right choice, you’ll find some critical factors to consider when replacing screen panels below.

Screen Panel Factors

  1. Existing Screen Specifications. As an OEM manufacturer for the biggest names in the mining and aggregate industries, Iracore can manufacture dimensionally exact replacements for any existing screen panels in use today. We can also leverage our decades of experience to improve and optimize your process.
  2. Screened Material. The type of material passing through your screen panels will affect which Iracore product will be right for your process. Material type, shape, temperature, and average/maximum size will all impact your selection. When available, comprehensive rock analyses will allow our team to find the ideal wear material and design for your operation’s needs.
  3. Methods of Screening and Feeding. Your screening process (wet vs. dry) and feeding (feeder, chute, etc.) will dictate different material and construction requirements for screen panels. Additionally, average and maximum feeds (tons/hr.) will affect wear material choice and design.
  4. Opening Size and Shape. Depending on the type, size, and shape of the material passing through your screens, your screen panels may have unique opening requirements. Iracore offers numerous opening sizes and patterns, each engineered to outperform the competition in nearly any application.
  5. Hold Down System. Whether it’s hooked sections, bolt-down, modular, or any other fastening method, Iracore screen panels can be made to accommodate any screen panel hold-down system.

The Right Materials for the Job

For decades, Iracore has been providing industry-leading wear components tailored to the aggregate industry’s unique needs. Today, our high-performance screen panels add value to every process through unmatched durability and unbeatable value.

Unlike most parts suppliers, Iracore sources raw materials directly from chemical manufacturers to create unique compounds explicitly tailored to aggregate operations’ needs. Our research and development team is dedicated to finding solutions to every wear challenge, resulting in the best polyurethane compounds available for use in the aggregate industry today.

Our industry-leading manufacturing facilities and output capacity make Iracore a leading choice for any aggregate operation around the world. Backed by ISO 9001 certification, our stringent quality control standards ensure our customers get high-performance screen panels they can rely on. No matter your organization’s wear material needs, you can depend on Iracore to provide exceptional value and service while keeping you on the cutting edge of wear technology.

Looking for Replacement Screen Panels?

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