No matter the size or scope of your operation, everyone wants to get the most out of their equipment. This is especially true for hydrocyclones found in oil sands, mining, and other heavy industrial operations. Your hydrocyclone’s liner can be the key to maximizing your equipment’s performance, enabling effective slurry separation and material recovery while protecting your equipment. On the other hand, a liner made from low-quality wear materials often necessitates frequent replacement (increasing process downtime), negatively impacting your operation’s recovery rates.

Iracore is a trusted name in North America for high-performance wear materials for heavy industrial operations. Our drop-in and cast-in-place hydrocyclone liners set new standards for fit, durability, and added value for operations around the world. Read on to learn more about Iracore’s high-performance hydrocyclone liners below.

Innovation in the Lab, Proven in the Field

Complex industrial processes require innovative wear solutions. That’s why Iracore’s research and development team continually works with our customers to develop optimal solutions for every wear challenge. Our team of chemists, engineers, technicians, and consultants is ready to work with your team to find the perfect compound for your hydrocyclone liners.

Unlike many of our competitors, we don’t settle for pre-made compounds in the components we manufacture for our customers. Instead, Iracore engineers and manufactures proprietary polyurethane compounds using top-quality raw materials. Our team is committed to finding the ideal composition, characteristics, and reliability our valued customers need in for their processes. Today, we proudly deliver top-quality hydrocyclone liners that stand up to the most demanding working environments, providing exceptional performance, durability, and value.

Iracore hydrocyclone liners have been proven to be more dependable than any other product on the market today. Independent field and lab testing have shown Iracore liners exhibit 2 to 3 times longer wear life compared to other urethane and rubber components, outperforming the competition under the most challenging operating conditions. Throughout their extended lifetime, Iracore hydrocyclone liners’ durability and performance can save your operation on repairs, maintenance, and associated downtime, enabling you to deliver maximum productivity and ROI for your stakeholders.

High-Performance Manufacturing

Having a superior product isn’t enough; at Iracore, we understand how important it is for our customers to have access to the parts they need when they need them.

With industry-leading manufacturing and production capacity, Iracore is ready to support operations of all sizes and scopes by providing industry-leading components. Backed by an ISO-9001 quality management system, our quality control standards ensure our customers receive high-performance, high-quality hydrocyclone liners every time. No matter how big the order or tight the deadline, you can rely on Iracore to provide exceptional value and service along with high-performance wear materials for your operation.

Need Hydrocyclone Liners?

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