Rubber-Lined Pipe

Rubber-Lined Pipe Engineered for Chemical Resistance

The proper rubber-lined pipe can withstand years of abrasive and corrosive service conditions. Our rubber compounds are engineered for chemical resistance to protect your pipe from the effects of abrasion, impact, acids and oxidizing agents.

All Iracore rubber compounds are designed for chemical resistance to protect your pipe from the effects of abrasion, impact, acids and oxidizing agents. Our in-house chemists carefully consider the operating temperature, chemical composition and concentration, and particle size of the materials to determine the best compound for your rubber pipe.

No matter what the application or industry, Iracore rubber-lined pipes provide exceptional value and exceptional performance 100% of the time.

Exclusive Rubber Compound Formula

Iracore has provided rubber-lined pipe throughout the U.S. and Canada since 1957. An exclusive rubber compound formulated by Iracore is used for most pipe applications. Lining material comparison tests demonstrate a life expectancy two times that of other lining materials, including standard rubber and urethane.

Rubber Compounds for Every Application

Rubber-lined pipe is an excellent economic solution to your abrasion and corrosion issues. The right rubber compound (in the right conditions) will keep your fluid system flowing safely and efficiently, all while providing high value and cost savings for you and your stakeholders.

While cost savings will always be a consideration, industrial projects still need rubber-lined pipes that will stand up to demanding requirements over time. By partnering with OEMs, EPCs, and end-users we can determine the correct rubber polymer to be used based on particle size, temperatures, and the chemical makeup found in your operation’s fluid system.

Some of the most common rubber compounds used in rubber-lined pipes include:

Soft Natural Gum Rubber

Natural rubber still beats out synthetic compounds in certain applications, standing up exceptionally well to abrasion while resisting tearing. Although natural rubber is unsuitable for applications with exposure to oil, ozone, sunlight, and weathering, its low cost brings plenty of value to operations looking to save money without sacrificing performance.


These compounds are engineered to withstand concentrated acids and caustic solutions, even under extreme heat. Iracore chlorobutyl/bromobutyl compounds feature heat resistance ratings up to 260º F. While not recommended for applications where oil or solvents are present, these compounds are ideal rubber-lined pipe choices for many extreme environments.

Moderate Oil Resistance (MOR) Rubber

Moderate oil resistance (MOR) compounds blend natural gum and nitrile rubber, designed for general-purpose use in abrasion and applications with small amounts of oil. General material properties are similar to soft natural gum rubber, while the inclusion of nitrile rubber allows them to resist trace amounts of oil.

Styrene-Butadiene (SBR) Rubber

Commonly found in pulley lagging applications, SBR compounds boast high tensile strength and excellent sliding abrasion resistance. While not recommended for use in environments with oil, ozone, or sunlight, SBR compounds’ high resistance to tearing make them ideal for many industrial applications.

Rubber-Lined Pipe Built to Any Requirement

Iracore’s industry-leading manufacturing facilities, in addition to a wide selection of rubber compounds, allow us to support projects of all sizes and scopes.

Iracore manufacturing facilities feature some of the largest autoclaves in the industry, featuring a 14′ diameter and a 60′ length. We’re capable of producing rubber-lined pipe solutions for any customer requirement, from 3″ to the largest sizes in production today, all fully compliant with ASME standards.

Our ISO-9001 quality management system, combined with our industry-leading production capacity, makes Iracore the ideal choice for any requirement. No matter what your organization needs (or how quickly you need it!), you can rely on Iracore to supply top-quality products efficiently to keep your operation running smoothly.

Expertise to Get the Job Done

With over 60 years of experience engineering components for the most demanding industrial operations in the world, we’ve learned a thing or two about what it takes for a rubber-lined pipe to stand the test of time. We don’t just stop there, however; our team of chemists, engineers, technicians, and consultants ensure our products meet (and, in many cases, exceed) all technical standards and specifications. Rigorous independent laboratory testing shows that Iracore rubber compounds are some of the most durable, reliable pipe lining materials available today.

Why Iracore Rubber-Lined Pipe?

  • Largest autoclaves in the industry, 14′ diameter by 60′ length
  • Highly skilled tradespeople who understand the art of rubber application
  • Approved ASME
  • ISO 9001 quality manufacturing system

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