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Global Leader in Large Diameter Piping Projects for Oil Sands

For more than 20 years, Iracore has been increasing wear performance and reliability in the oil sands industry through innovative polyurethane, neoprene and rubber lined piping solutions.

Significant savings in operating costs through improved uptime, asset predictability, and reduced maintenance are experienced in operations at oil sands extraction, hydro transport and tailings areas where Iracore products are used. Iracore installations have been in service for upwards of 10 years.

Proven Positive Sustainability and Environmental Impacts

Reducing operating costs with reduced CO2 emissions and increased efficiencies in energy production.

Materials Tailored to Specific Application Requirements

The Iracore polyurethane lining system, along with rubber and neoprene materials are specifically tuned to your operating conditions, adjusting for higher wear areas, changing temperatures, rock size and velocities.

Why use Iracore for oil sands industry wear materials?

Materials tailored to specific application requirements

Iracore lining, along with rubber and neoprene that are specifically tuned to your operating conditions accounting for temperature, rock size and velocity.

Twenty years of experience transporting oil sands slurry

Designed, developed and tested for a decade in the Canadian oil sands by Iracore International for tailings and hydrotransport lines. With over 20 years of experience, the complete Iracore system of lined pipe, end connections and fittings is the most durable and costeffective solution available for transporting oil sands slurry. That makes Iracore the choice of leading mine operators throughout Canada’s Athabasca region.

Eliminating cold wall effect and increasing wear protection

The use of a rubber layer between the steel pipe and the polyurethane provides protection against the “cold wall effect”. This effect is not always evident until pipe has been in service for multiple freezing cycles. This rubber layer is also a wear material with equal or better wear characteristics than polyurethane that provides a total wear solution better than any current polyurethane only product on the market.

Complete project capabilities

Iracore is the only company able to provide polyurethane and neoprene for a lined pipe system. Single source ensures product integrity, better pipe alignment to reduce wear and enhanced project execution.

Total cost of ownership

Expect the lowest lifecycle costs in the industry:

  • longer pipe spools up to 60-ft Iracore or neoprene
  • time-saving clamping or welding of Iracoupling
  • fewer pipe rotations using application specific Iracore materials
  • pumping costs are reduced, requiring less energy to move the slurry
  • heated slurries maintain their heat longer, reducing heating and pumping costs
  • fewer inspections and repairs mean less maintenance and lower operating costs

We stand behind our patented products, largest installed base in the oil sands, ISO 9001 certified, CRN approved, over 400,000 feet of installed lracore pipe, unique pipe coupling that can be welded or bolted, expert local service and years of proven success in hydrotransport applications.

Core Advantages

Iracore’s proprietary lining material:

  • enhances elastomertosteel bond strength to eliminate risk of catastrophic lining failures
  • withstands extreme temperatures (50º F to +200º F)
  • offers improved coefficient of friction over other wear materials
  • resists hydrocarbons
  • has higher insulating factor than steel, which saves energy costs
  • prevents corrosion

IRACOUPLING Connection Systems

Allows welding of polymer-lined pipe which ensures polymer integrity for best performance and long lasting applications

  • Easy connection with 4 bolts: saves time and money with efficient rotation or replacement of spools
  • No gap at the internal joint: proven lowest wear connection system in the industry
  • Surefit alignment ring: ensures proper connection and alignment for ease of proper installation and performance
  • Government-certified pressure tested (CRN): ensures pressure ratings and integrity of the line

IRASENSE:  Thickness Monitoring Solutions

Condition monitoring to remotely monitor and proactively maintain your Iracore lined pipe solutions

IRASENSE CW (wear monitoring loops): multiple zone continuity wire wear loops at set thicknesses

IRASENSE WP (direct condition monitoring): continuous and direct thickness measurement

IRASENSE TC (external condition monitoring): can be installed on existing or new pipe;  totally external—no piping penetrations; all systems cloud-enabled for remote access



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