In mining, aggregate production, oil and gas, and other heavy industries, pipe lining can play a significant role in your operation’s efficiency and productivity. Inferior lining materials can wear out prematurely, causing unnecessary downtime for maintenance and repair, not to mention potential damage to your processes and equipment. Over the decades, more and more industrial operations have opted for polyurethane-lined pipe and wear components, thanks to polyurethane’s superior durability and performance in conveyance and slurry applications.

Since 1957, Iracore has led the way in developing high-performance wear materials for heavy industrial applications. Today, our comprehensive range of polyurethane-lined pipe products deliver world-class durability and performance for our customers around the world. Learn more about what makes Iracore the top choice for polyurethane-lined pipe below.

Superior Wear Materials

Compared to unlined pipes and traditional wear materials (such as rubber and metallic liners), polyurethane compounds provide superior performance and durability characteristics. Its resistance to abrasion and corrosion combined with its ability to resist oil and other hydrocarbons make it the ideal lining for systems and processes in the most challenging operation conditions.

Unlike other polyurethane parts suppliers, Iracore develops proprietary polyurethane compounds engineered for our customers’ requirements. Instead of premade “one-size-fits-most” components, we proudly offer a comprehensive range of lining compounds tailored for optimal performance in any use case or operating conditions. Our team of chemists, engineers, technicians, and consultants is always ready to partner with our customers to engineer the optimal solution for any wear challenge.

Industry-Leading Performance

Iracore’s polyurethane-lined pipe has been proven (both in the lab and in the field) to meet the highest performance and durability requirements. In in-depth testing and field trials, our polyurethane pipe lining has been field-proven to outlast unlined steel pipe and metallic pipe liners. Our customers have reported up to five times longer life cycles in the most challenging operating environments. Our polyurethane-lined pipe’s durability and performance have saved operations both time and money on repair, maintenance, and replacement costs.

In addition to the lining itself, our proprietary elastomeric bonding ensures maximum durability for all Iracore components. Our bonding agents are highly effective on nearly any piping substrate, providing unmatched strength and sustained performance in your piping systems.

Ready for Any Challenge

Iracore proudly offers industry-leading manufacturing and production capabilities for operations of all sizes and scopes. Our facilities boast the largest computer-controlled casting machines in North America, ready to produce urethane parts ranging from simple small pours (a few lbs) to large volumes (3500lbs). Our manufacturing capabilities allow us to pour and bore pipe up to 60′ in length, making us the ideal choice for high-volume, high-output facilities and processes. Backed by ISO 9001 quality management certification, our stringent control standards ensure our customers get high-performance components they can rely on day in and day out.

Looking for Polyurethane-Lined Pipe?

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