More than 40 years ago, Irathane Systems became one of the first companies to line pipes with urethane. Not only did we develop the lining itself, but we also engineered primers, adhesives, and application methods to create a comprehensive pipeline system capable of resisting abrasion, corrosion, and harsh environments better than anything else on the market.

Today, Iracore has firmly established its reputation as a world leader in urethane-based pipeline systems. With decades of experience spanning numerous heavy industries, our experts can help you find the right lining for your operation’s pipeline system, all while providing exceptional value and service. Learn more about the benefits of Iracore urethane-lined pipe products below.

Polyurethane Solutions for Every Application

Unlike many other urethane parts manufacturers, Iracore sources raw materials directly from major chemical producers. From there, Iracore’s team of chemists, engineers, technicians, and consultants work to develop polyurethane compounds suitable for specific applications and use cases. Our polyurethane formulations have been developed through decades of field knowledge to meet rigorous operating conditions in heavy industry.

Here is a partial list of the factors considered when formulating our compounds:

  • Hardness (durometer)
  • Compression or load-bearing requirements
  • Operating temperature range
  • Slurry or service environment composition (pH)
  • Particle size, shape and velocity on impact abrasion
  • Environmental factors (exposure to oil, water, other fluids, temperature, etc.)
  • Manufacturing methods (injection molds, open cast, compression molds)
  • Service life and typical modes of failure (fatigue, cut and tear, compressive loads, etc.)

Throughout the development process, Iracore polyurethane compounds are subjected to rigorous scientific trials to ensure optimum performance. By the time our urethane-lined pipe makes it to our customers, it has passed the highest safety and quality standards. No matter what the application or industry, Iracore urethane-lined pipes provide exceptional value and unmatched performance 100% of the time.

Urethane-Lined Products at Iracore

Iracore offers a complete range of urethane-lined pipe products, including pipe spools and a comprehensive selection of fittings. From Alberta’s oil sands and oil and gas fracking to primary mineral ore tailings, Iracore’s products stand the test of time in all heavy industry applications.

Iracore urethane-lined pipe systems are proven to outlast unlined steel pipe and metallic pipe liners. As a result, our products offer unrivaled cost and safety advantages while increasing your system’s up-time and throughput.

Our manufacturing facility is capable of high-volume output, allowing us to support projects with the most demanding requirements. We are committed to our ISO 9001 quality management system, allowing us to deliver top-quality products on-schedule for operations of all sizes and scopes.

View a partial listing of past Urethane Lined Pipe Projects.

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