If you’re looking for polyurethane pipe lining for your next industrial project, you have plenty of options. Across North America and around the world, numerous suppliers and distributors offer urethane-lined pipe supposedly suited to your operation’s needs. However, not all suppliers and products are equal; an inferior polyurethane can cost your organization in downtime for maintenance and repair, while an ill-equipped supplier or distributor can leave your organization high and dry when you need to get up and running.

Iracore has been an industry-leading choice for high-performance industrial wear materials since 1957. Our comprehensive range of polyurethane-lined pipe products delivers durability and performance backed by world-class innovation and customer service. Read on to learn more about what makes Iracore the best choice for your operation’s polyurethane pipe lining needs.

Unrivalled Innovation

In 1972, Iracore became one of the first to offer urethane-lined pipe for heavy industrial applications. Why urethane? Compared to unlined pipe and traditional wear materials, polyurethane compounds provide superior performance and durability characteristics, making it the ideal lining for pipe systems in the high abrasion and corrosion environments our customers face.

Since then, our team has worked tirelessly to advance wear technology by engineering unique, innovative polyurethane compounds explicitly tailored to our customers’ requirements. Unlike most polyurethane pipe lining manufacturers, we don’t settle for “one-size-fits-most” polyurethanes. Our comprehensive range of lining compounds is engineered to meet the most demanding requirements our customers face, with new advances and solutions tested in the lab and out in the field every year. It’s part of our commitment to continually add value for our customers while keeping them at the forefront of wear technology.

Unmatched Performance

Iracore’s urethane-lined pipe systems have been proven time and again to meet the highest performance and durability requirements. In rigorous independent testing, our polyurethane pipe lining has been field-proven to outlast unlined steel pipe and metallic pipe liners, with customers and independent tests reporting up to five times longer life cycles in the most challenging operating environments. Our urethane-lined pipe’s durability and performance have saved operations around the world both time and money on repair, maintenance, and replacement costs.

In addition to outlasting the competition, our proprietary elastomeric bonding ensures complete durability for all Iracore components. Our bonding agents are effective on nearly any piping substrate, providing unmatched strength and sustained performance in your piping systems.

Unlimited Capabilities

In addition to a superior product, Iracore is also proud to offer industry-leading manufacturing and production capabilities to support operations of all sizes and scopes.

Featuring the largest computer-controlled casting machines in North America, Iracore facilities can produce urethane parts ranging from simple small pours (a few lbs) to the large volumes (3500lbs) required to line bore pipe up to 60′ in length. Backed by ISO 9001 certification, our thorough quality control standards ensure our customers get high-performance components they can rely on every time.

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