Iracore has a proud history of providing top-quality components for the mining industry. Since 1957, we have made parts and engineered solutions for clients in Minnesota’s Iron Range, and have since become a preferred wear component manufacturer for mining operations worldwide. The secret to our success? A commitment to engineering components that bring our customers unrivalled performance and unmatched value. Iracore wear components add value to every project by extending replacement cycles, eliminating unnecessary delays, and keeping operations running smoothly.

Iracore’s mission is to solve abrasion and corrosion issues for heavy industry around the world. Read on to learn more about our products for the mining industry, and how Iracore can help you increase your operation’s efficiency.

Performance Engineering for the Mining Industry

With over 60 years’ experience working with the mining industry, Iracore has become a leader in abrasion and corrosion prevention. We engineer products and solutions to deliver consistent, reliable performance throughout their lifespan, allowing our customers to lower their costs per ton through longer maintenance cycles, fewer repairs, less downtime and optimal equipment performance every step of the way. Our commitment to innovation and quality allows us to develop industry-leading products that outperform the competition.

Unlike other manufacturers and distributors, Iracore sources raw materials directly from major chemical producers to engineer compounds suitable for specific applications and use cases. Our proprietary formulations have been developed through decades of research to meet the mining industry’s demands, and have been proven to get the job done, both in the lab and in the field.

Start-to-Finish Solutions

Iracore is proud to offer a complete range of products for the mining industry, including:

Iracore is the only company able to provide comprehensive, multi-material components for today’s mining operations. Partnering with a single source ensures product integrity, compatibility, and enhanced project execution. No matter what your operation needs, Iracore provides comprehensive solutions to increase your project’s efficiency while delivering exceptional value.

The Parts You Need, When You Need Them

In addition to top-quality products, Iracore offers some of the best production capabilities available in today’s market. Our autoclaves¬†and ovens can accommodate components up to 60′ in length in a wide range of diameters, meaning that no job is too big (or too precise) for our team of highly-skilled tradespeople to handle. Our attention to detail and commitment to quality ensures our customers receive the best products available today.

Our manufacturing facility is capable of high-volume output, allowing us to support mining projects with the most demanding requirements. We are committed to our ISO 9001 quality management system, allowing us to deliver our world-class solutions on-schedule for operations of all sizes and scopes.

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