In 1972, Iracore became one of the first companies to offer urethane-lined pipe for mining and other heavy industrial applications. Compared to unlined pipe and traditional lining materials, urethane provides superior performance and durability, making it the ideal lining material for applications in high abrasion and corrosion environments.

Today, Iracore remains the global leader in urethane-based wear materials for a wide variety of industries. Our commitment to innovation in advancing wear technology makes us an ideal partner for operations requiring long-lasting, value-adding urethane-lined pipes. Learn more about the benefits of partnering with Iracore below.

Innovation By Design

All Iracore polyurethanes are formulated by our in-house team to meet the demands of any operating environment. Iracore chemists, engineers, and consultant’s work to develop proprietary formulations have been developed through decades of field knowledge to meet the rigorous requirements of heavy industry.

With over 25 patents and 20 proprietary compounds available, Iracore offers an industry-leading selection of polyurethanes suitable for all heavy industrial applications. No matter what unique wear challenges your organization faces, you can rely on Iracore’s field-proven expertise to supply your operation with the right compounds to elevate your system’s performance.

Engineered For Performance

Iracore urethane-lined pipe systems are field-proven to outlast unlined steel pipe and metallic pipe liners, with customers reporting up to 6 times longer life cycles in the most challenging operating environments. Whether it’s the Canadian Oil Sands, primary mineral ore tailings in South America, or other heavy industry around the world, operations rely on Iracore urethane-lined pipe to maximize uptime and throughput in their pipe systems, without compromising safety or requiring expensive maintenance and repair.

In addition to outperforming and outlasting conventional materials, our advanced elastomeric bonding technology ensures maximum durability for all Iracore components. Our compounds effectively bond to steel and other piping substrates, providing unmatched strength and sustained performance in any piping system. Superior lining and bonding materials make for a longer-lasting pipe, decreasing maintenance costs and adding value for our customers.

Solutions for Every Scope

Iracore’s three manufacturing facilities house the largest computer-controlled casting machines in North America, allowing us to manufacture urethane parts of all sizes, for operations of all scopes. Whether it’s a few simple small pours (a few lbs) or the large volumes (3500lbs+) required to line bore pipe up to 60′ in length, Iracore’s ISO 9001-certified quality management system ensures every component is ready for your operation’s demanding working conditions.

With over 500 miles of urethane-lined pipe in operation around the world today, Iracore is ready and able to provide dependable wear solutions for any industrial application. No matter how big the challenge or remote the location, you can rely on Iracore products to deliver exceptional value and performance every time.

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