Load-bearing pads play a critical role in railway design and construction. Sitting between the rail and sleeper, the right pad will protect not only the sleeper from wear caused by vibration and weather but also the structural integrity of the entire bridge. As such, it’s critical for engineers and contractors to use materials capable of standing up to the most challenging conditions.

In the past, rubber has been the material of choice in load-bearing applications. While effective in the short term, both natural and synthetic rubbers are prone to premature wear, leading to increased maintenance, repair, and replacement costs. In an industry as vital as transportation, decision-makers must do everything they can to minimize disruption, including using materials that will stand the test of time.

For over 40 years, Iracore has developed proprietary polyurethane wear materials suitable for a wide range of heavy industrial applications. Today, we’re proud to manufacture load-bearing pads that offer unrivalled performance and durability for the railroad and transportation industries. Discover the benefits of Iracore load-bearing pads below.

Superior Materials for Superior Performance

Natural and synthetic rubbers are often considered the industry standard in bearing pad applications. While rubber boasts resilience in high-impact wear applications, its susceptibility to deterioration (cracking) caused by ground-level ozone, electrical discharges, UV exposure, and weather all shorten its lifespan. In short, rubber bearing pads will eventually wear out, leading to increased repair and replacement costs for operators.

To fix these problems, Iracore engineered propriety polyurethane compounds specifically for wear applications in transportation construction. Today, our polyurethane offers increased resistance to abrasion and wear in load-bearing applications, making them a durable and cost-effective alternative to rubber. Additionally, urethane boasts superior ozone and weather resistance, compared to traditional rubber. Best of all, urethane pads are less prone to deflection than rubber counterparts, requiring little (if any) reinforcement to compensate.

With superior performance and dramatically increased durability, Iracore urethane load-bearing pads are the clear choice for operations and engineers seeking lower maintenance costs and increased ROI throughout the project’s lifecycle and beyond.

The Ideal Solution for Any Requirement

Field and lab testing has proven Iracore load-bearing pad performance in temperatures as low as -40ºF, making them suitable for the most demanding operating conditions in North America. Iracore load-bearing pads exceed the technical standards laid out by AREMA, CN, CPR, and BNSF, making them a dependable choice for any project. Their superior ability to handle abrasion and wear in both the short and long term makes them a cost-effective alternative to conventional rubber, requiring less maintenance, repair, and replacement.

The Components You Need, When You Need Them

Iracore’s industry-leading manufacturing facilities and output capacity make us the perfect partner for transportation projects of all sizes and scopes. Backed by ISO 9001 quality management certification, our industry-leading quality standards ensure our customers receive high-performance load-bearing pads they can depend on. No matter your organization’s wear material needs, Iracore provides cutting-edge solutions, exceptional value, and world-class service for operations across North America and around the world.

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