If you operate in the mining industry, you know that throughput is king. Maximizing the productivity and reliability of your mills and production systems is vital to your success. In an era of declining ore grades and increased operating costs, increased efficiency not only delivers added value to your stakeholders, but also keeps your operation competitive in an ever-evolving industrial landscape.

Since 1957, Iracore has been proud to support the mining industry worldwide by engineering innovative wear technology and performance components. Our rubber and urethane discharge cones offer unrivalled performance, safety, and reliability for high-performance mining operations. Read on to learn more about how Iracore discharge cones can increase your mill’s throughput and increase your operation’s productivity.

Performance-Engineered Wear Components

Designed to replace the castings on the discharge end of mills, our patented discharge cones are engineered with proprietary urethane or rubber compounds. Iracore’s team of chemists, engineers, technicians, and consultants work to develop rubber and polyurethane compounds suitable for high-throughput mills’ demanding requirements. Our formulations have been developed through decades of field knowledge to meet the most rigorous operating conditions.

In addition to the right materials, Iracore works to ensure our discharge cones offer a perfect fit for increased safety and reliability. Our discharge cones meet OEM specifications for all major mills, offering tight tolerances to reduce mill shell wear.

Increased Performance and Unbeatable Durability

Iracore components deliver value by outperforming and outlasting conventional wear materials. Our discharge cones have been proven in the lab and field to outlast the competition, offering significantly increased lifespans (and reduced replacement costs).

In addition to superior performance, Iracore discharge cones offer numerous other value-adding benefits. The lower weight of urethane/rubber versus cast parts reduces turning mill power costs and wear on trunnions, bearings and other components. Additionally, our discharge cones offer dryer ends and better dust control due to their optimal fit. Finally, easy assembly and installation reduce downtime, allowing your operation to achieve maximum throughput and increased productivity.

Built to Serve the Mining Industry

For over 60 years, Iracore has been a vital partner to mining operations around the world. In addition to discharge cones, we offer a comprehensive inventory. of wear components for operations of all sizes and scopes, including:

  • Dead Bed Sleeves
  • Flotation Components
  • Lined Pipe
  • Launder and Chute Liners
  • Pump Liners
  • Screen Panels and Accessories
  • Custom Lining Services
  • And More!

Iracore’s world-leading manufacturing facilities mean we can manufacture components for any customer requirement, all fully compliant with all applicable standards and regulations. Our team of highly skilled tradespeople with decades of combined experience crafts high-quality parts for a wide variety of demanding industrial applications. Our facilities are ISO 9001-certified, ensuring consistent quality for our customers.

Looking for Discharge Cones?

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