Your pump’s lining material can make a huge difference in your operation’s safety, equipment life, and return on investment. When it comes time to replace your pump liners, the right choice can save your organization on downtime and maintenance while keeping production efficient.

Since 1957, Iracore has manufactured high-performance wear materials for a wide variety of heavy industrial applications. Our urethane pump liners are engineered for unbeatable performance in a wide variety of use cases, all while providing exceptional durability and value for our customers. Read on to learn the most important factors when selecting a replacement pump liner, and how Iracore polyurethane pump liners offer superior performance.

Pump Manufacturer, Model, and Size

As with any component of a heavy industrial system, proper fit is critical when selecting a replacement pump liner. Even if something looks and fits “close enough,” improper sizing can lead to vibration, uncharacteristic wear, and even equipment failure. Pump liners should be designed to fit the specific manufacturer, model, and size of your pump.

For nearly 50 years, Iracore has been an OEM liner supplier for North America’s biggest pump manufacturers. Today, we engineer our urethane pump liners to be drop-in replacements compatible with nearly any pump, no matter the brand, model, or size. Our pump liners are lightweight, easy to install, and dimensionally accurate to ensure a perfect fit every time.

Material to be Pumped

Different material mixtures require different pump liners. A liner that performs well when used for a sand-based slurry may exhibit premature wear in the presence of oil. There is no perfect one-size-fits-all solution; chemical properties, maximum and average particle size and percentage of solids are all critical factors when choosing the right pump liners for your operation.

Iracore’s research and development team continually develops new compounds, bonding agents, and manufacturing techniques to meet the demands of modern industry. The result? Our loyal customers know that they are getting an optimal solution for their operation, engineered and selected to meet their system’s unique wear needs.

Temperature, Pressure, and Operating Conditions

Temperature, pressure, and other outside operating conditions play a crucial role in your next pump liner’s requirements. Liner failure can lead to unnecessary downtime, equipment failure, or even safety hazards; no matter what liner you choose, operations need to know that their pump liner is up to the task.

With decades of scientific and field data behind them, Iracore pump liners are engineered for optimal performance in the most demanding operating conditions. Over 60 years of experience goes into every wear product we produce, each uniquely tailored to our customer’s application and requirements. Partner with our expert team to find the ideal compound for your system.

Iracore’s Industry-Leading Pump Liners

Iracore urethane pump liners are more durable than any other product on the market today. Independent field tests have shown Iracore pump liners exhibit 2 to 3 times the wear life of other urethane and rubber components.

Our products are engineered for performance and value for our customers. Iracore pump liners’ durability and dependable performance can save your operation thousands in repairs, maintenance, and downtime. Our wear components allow you to maximize your operation’s efficiency and return on investment for you and your stakeholders.

With industry-leading facilities and output capacity, Iracore has the manufacturing capability to support operations of all sizes and scopes. No matter what your organization needs, you can rely on Iracore to provide exceptional value and service while keeping you on the cutting edge of wear technology.

Looking to Replace Your Pump Liners?

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