Hydrocyclone liners play an essential role in separating slurries in many industrial applications. A liner made from low-quality wear materials would likely require frequent replacement (increasing process downtime), as well as negatively impact your operation’s recovery rates. Conversely, a top-quality hydrocyclone liner will allow operations to maximize their recovery while minimizing maintenance and repair downtime.

For over 60 years, Iracore has manufactured top-quality wear components and materials for the oil sands, mining, aggregate, and other heavy industries. Today, our drop-in and cast-in-place hydrocyclone liners continue to raise the bar for fit, durability, and cost-effectiveness for operations around the world. Read on to learn more about Iracore’s high-performance hydrocyclone liners below.

Proven Experience

Throughout our history, Iracore has been an OEM supplier for some of the largest industrial manufacturers in North America. Today, we use decades of expertise to design and manufacture high-performance urethane hydrocyclone liners for the most demanding applications. We proudly offer liners compatible with a complete range of equipment, as well as custom-designed components for unique and challenging use cases. All Iracore liners are lightweight, easy to install and offer a precision fit suitable for any operating environment.

Proven Innovation

Iracore’s team of chemists, engineers, technicians, and consultants create proprietary polyurethane compounds for optimal performance in hydrocyclone lining applications. Our research and development team continually refine our compounds, bonding agents, and manufacturing techniques to engineer the toughest, most efficient liners on the market today. The result? Top-quality hydrocyclone liners that stand up to even the most demanding working environments while setting the standard for performance, durability, and value.

Iracore hydrocyclone liners have been proven to be more durable than any other product on the market today. Independent field and lab testing have shown Iracore liners exhibit 2 to 3 times longer wear life than other urethane and rubber components, outperforming the competition in the most demanding industrial applications. Iracore hydrocyclone liners’ durability and performance can save your operation thousands in repairs, maintenance, and associated downtime throughout their lifetime.

Proven Manufacturing

With industry-leading manufacturing and production capacity, Iracore is ready to support operations of all sizes and scopes. With drop-in and cast-in-place capability, Iracore is ready to help operations get the most out of their process equipment, no matter the brand, model, or size. Our ISO-9001 quality management system ensures our customers receive reliable high-performance components to power their operation. No matter what your organization needs, Iracore is ready to provide industry-leading value and service along with high-performance wear materials for your operation.

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