Since 1957, Iracore has manufactured top-quality rubber components for use in heavy industry across North America. Across all sectors, industrial projects rely on components to resist abrasion, corrosion, and wear while delivering top performance under the most demanding working conditions.

Today, Iracore provides custom rubber lining services to a broad range of applications for customers across North America. Read on to discover why your organization should choose Iracore in a highly competitive marketplace, and how Iracore custom rubber lining can take your operation to new heights.

Custom Lining for Every Application

Different rubber compounds will be more or less suitable for your project depending on particle size, operating temperature, and the chemical makeup present in your system. While efficiency and value are essential considerations for every operation, any lined component needs to stand up to demanding use requirements over time. The right rubber compound will keep your system operating safely and efficiently, providing maximum value for you and your stakeholders.

Iracore offers a wide range of rubber lining compounds for every use, including:

  • Natural Gum Rubber
  • Chlorobutyl/Bromobutyl (with high chemical resistance at elevated temperatures)
  • Iraprene (60 durometer oil-resistant neoprene)
  • Moderate Oil Resistance (MOR) Rubber (with high tensile tear and abrasion strength)
  • And more!

No matter what your operation or industry requires, Iracore offers a diverse product line that will meet your organization’s requirements for durability. With many lining compounds available in multiple durometers, Iracore’s experts can help you find the perfect rubber for your organization’s needs.

Iracore rubber compounds consistently outperform the competition, with lining material comparison tests demonstrating a life expectancy up to two times that of the competition.

Not sure which product your system needs? Try our Systems Analysis questionnaire to get started.

Quality in All Shapes and Sizes

In addition to a wide range of available rubber compounds, Iracore offers comprehensive lining capabilities for components (and projects) of all sizes.

Iracore manufacturing facilities boast the largest autoclaves in the industry, featuring a 14′ diameter and a 60′ length. This means we can line components for any customer requirement, from 3″ to the largest sizes in production today, all fully compliant with industry standards. Our highly skilled tradespeople boast decades of combined experience crafting high-quality components for demanding industrial applications. Our facilities are ISO 9001-certified, ensuring consistent quality for our customers across North America.

Experience & Expertise – The Iracore Difference

With over 60 years’ experience engineering components for the most demanding industrial operations in the world, we’ve learned what it takes for rubber lining to stand the test of time. Our in-house team of chemists, engineers, technicians, and consultants engineer our products to meet (and, in many cases, exceed) all technical standards and specifications. Rigorous independent laboratory testing shows that Iracore rubber compounds are some of the most durable, reliable pipe lining materials available today.

Need Custom Rubber Lining?

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