Across numerous industries and sectors, the need for oil-resistant rubber lining and other wear components has steadily risen. Materials that can withstand varying levels of hydrocarbons in slurries are in high demand, particularly in the oil sands, dredging, and power generation industries. Operations in these sectors need wear components that can withstand the most challenging operating conditions and are capable of minimizing downtime for optimum throughput and efficiency.

For over 60 years, Iracore has been committed to advancing wear technology for our industrial customers, adding value to every project through reliable, high-quality lining materials. Today, we are proud to offer a wide variety of lining materials suited for nearly every application. Find out more about our oil-resistant rubber lining products below.

Moderate Oil Resistance (MOR) Rubbers

MORs consist of blended natural gum and nitrile rubber lining for use in abrasion and applications with trace amounts of oil. Generally, MORs feature similar properties to soft natural gum rubber, with added oil resistance thanks to the added nitrile polymers.

MOR rubbers are commonly found in the mining industry, specifically in flotation components where trace levels of hydrocarbons are present. However, like natural gum rubber, their low resistance to ozone, sunlight, and weathering makes them unsuitable for many applications.


Sometimes referred to as chloroprenes, these synthetic rubbers are excellent general purpose wear materials. Unlike most traditional rubber compounds, neoprenes have petroleum-resistant properties, making them ideal for many oilfield applications. They also feature exceptional chemical, ozone, weathering and abrasion resistance.

Specifically, neoprene compounds perform exceptionally well in high-impact, high-velocity areas of a fluid system, such as high-wear areas where a slurry makes a sharp change in direction. As such, neoprenes are an ideal choice for many pipe fittings and other points in a system that experiences above-average wear.


While urethane-based polymers aren’t chemically related to rubbers, they are ideal for oil-resistant rubber lining lining applications. Polyurethane’s durability and cost-effectiveness have made it a value-adding alternative to unlined pipe and rubber-based lining compounds.

Iracore urethane-lined pipe systems are field-proven to outlast traditional lining materials in a wide variety of applications. In particular, urethane’s resistance to sliding abrasion makes it ideal for straight pipe, while its superior resistance to oil makes it more durable than rubber compounds in most applications. Whether it’s the Canadian Oil Sands, primary mineral ore tailings in South America, or other heavy industry around the world, operations rely on Iracore urethane-lined pipe to maximize uptime and throughput without requiring extensive maintenance and repair.

Lined Pipe with Iracore

Since 1957, Iracore lined pipe products have been the backbone of heavy industry across the world. From custom rubber lining services to high-performance lined pipe systems, Iracore’s reputation for reliability and value established it as a top provider of wear components for industrial applications.

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