Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada.  November 2019 – IRACORE recently completed two large projects for major oil sands producers in Northern Alberta, Canada.  One project comprising 7.5 km of 30” elastomer lined pipe replaced a line originally installed over 12 years ago, which had exceeded expectations for service life.  The second project was also 7.5 km of 24” and 30” elastomer lined tailings pipe for another client in the Northern Alberta oil sands. 

Superior slurry pipe system for the Canadian oil sands

Iracore is a complete pipeline system consisting of pipe spools, Iracoupling end flanges and a full range of other fittings, all lined with our advanced urethane-based compound. The technologically superior Iracore compound was developed specifically to protect hydrotransport and tailings pipe in the Canadian oil sands. Under this region’s harsh conditions, our system is proven to outlast unlined steel pipe and metallic pipe liners. As a result, Iracore offers cost and safety advantages while helping our clients increase uptime and throughput.