No matter the process or industry, organizations need high-performance wear materials to keep their operation running smoothly. Across the oil and gas, mining, aggregate, dredging, and other heavy industries, dependable wear solutions can add value through lower maintenance and repair costs, as well as decreased downtime. As a result, processes and operations with top-quality wear materials can see increased uptime, productivity, and generate more value for their stakeholders.

Since 1957, Iracore has remained at the forefront of industrial wear technology, providing our customers with complete wear solutions and components engineered for use in the most demanding applications. Today, our urethane wear products are ready to add value to any operation through unrivalled reliability, performance, and value. Read on to learn about Iracore’s urethane wear products below.

Performance Urethane Components

Since 1972, Iracore has continually developed proprietary polyurethane compounds specifically for industrial applications. Polyurethane has been scientifically proven to be a superior wear material in many use cases. Because of its smooth and near-frictionless surface, urethane wear components can enhance material flow, eliminate buildup, and resist oils and caustic chemicals while delivering superior resistance to tearing and other types of abrasion.

Unlike most urethane parts suppliers, Iracore sources raw materials directly from chemical manufacturers to create unique compounds explicitly tailored to our customers’ needs. Instead of using a one-size-fits-most compound for our parts, our team of chemists and engineers provides unique high-performance urethane engineered to precisely meet your needs. Our research and development team continually works to find optimal solutions to every wear challenge, resulting in the best polyurethane compounds, bonding agents, and wear components on the market today.

Complete Wear Solutions

Iracore proudly offers a complete catalog of performance urethane components and wear materials, including:

Our industry-leading manufacturing facilities are also capable of fabricating custom components for unique and challenging needs. No matter what your process requires, you can rely on Iracore wear materials to outperform anything else on the market today.

The Iracore Difference

Over the last sixty years, Iracore’s focus has remained on giving our valued customers the best possible solutions for their wear challenges. Today, our in-house team of chemists, engineers, technicians, and consultants work continually to advance heavy industrial wear technology, offering innovative solutions to age-old wear problems. When the time comes to manufacture your parts, our ISO 9001-certified manufacturing facilities ensure our products consistently meet all technical standards and quality specifications. Put our commitment to innovation to work for you, and see how Iracore wear materials can add value to your organization.

Looking for Urethane Wear Products?

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