Many modern slurry processes involve some form of dead bed techniques. By allowing slurry material in launders, sumps, feed pipes, distributors and collection boxes to rub against a buildup of the same material, it would minimize wear on the structural surface. While these processes are highly effective, they still require a durable wear material to prevent buildup, abrasion, and ultimately equipment damage in your processes.

For over 60 years, Iracore has developed innovative wear components for heavy industrial leaders around the world. Today, our patented dead bed sleeves are engineered to stand up to modern dead bed application, with polyurethane construction providing long-lasting, trouble-free performance. Learn more about Iracore dead bed sleeves below.

Superior Materials for Superior Performance

Iracore dead bed sleeves are manufactured using the highest quality materials available, including our proprietary polyurethane compounds. Urethane is a superior wear material in lining applications due to its near-frictionless surface, resistance to oils and corrosive materials, and durability in the face of a wide variety of abrasion types.

Iracore develops proprietary polyurethane compounds specifically engineered to meet the needs of our clients and their processes. Chemical composition, abrasion type, and operating conditions factored into the design and manufacturing process to ensure maximum durability and protection in your unique operating conditions.

Because of urethane’s frictionless surface, our dead bed sleeves enhance slurry flow and reduce material buildup throughout your system. Iracore dead bed sleeves can save your operation thousands of dollars in maintenance, equipment replacement, and associated downtime, maximizing value and return on investment for you and your stakeholders.

Engineered for Customer Satisfaction

Iracore has over 60 years’ experience designing and manufacturing wear components for a wide range of industrial applications. No matter what your process needs, Iracore delivers dimensionally accurate, easy-to-install wear components to protect your equipment and extend its lifespan.

Iracore is ready to manufacture dead bed sleeves built to a comprehensive range of sizes and specifications, no matter how unique and challenging the process. Work with our expert team of chemists and engineers to select custom materials and design components tailored to your operation’s specific needs.

Reliable Manufacturing

Iracore’s industry-leading manufacturing facilities are capable of efficient, high-volume output, enabling us to support projects of all sizes and scopes. Our ISO 9001-certified facilities consistently deliver top-quality wear materials on-time for any operation.

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