Iracore has manufactured top-quality components for heavy industry across the globe, establishing itself as a leader in wear technology. Since 1957, our customers have depended on us to deliver reliable parts that resist abrasion, corrosion, and wear, all while delivering top performance under the most demanding conditions.

Today, Iracore is proud to offer industry-leading polyurethane-lined pipe for a wide range of applications. Our range of products has been engineered to stand up to the harshest environments, including the Canadian oil sands, primary mineral ore tailings, oil and gas frac services, and other heavy industrial applications. Read on to learn more about the Iracore difference and why your operation should choose us for your next project.

Compounds for Every Application

Polyurethane’s durability and cost-effectiveness have made it a value-adding alternative to unlined pipe and rubber-based lining compounds. However, not all polyurethanes are the same, and not every compound is suitable for every application.

Since 1967, Iracore’s chemists and engineers have worked to develop high-performance polyurethane compounds for every use scenario.

Unlike other manufacturers and distributors, Iracore sources raw materials directly from in-house chemical producers to develop proprietary formulations specifically for our customers’ needs. When your organization partners with Iracore, you gain decades of expertise and proven field knowledge in a wide range of challenging industrial applications. Further, we take pride in our unwavering commitment to developing the best solution for every wear challenge.

Complete Pipe Systems

Iracore offers complete polyurethane-lined pipe systems that deliver unmatched durability and value, no matter the industry or application. We’re proud to provide a comprehensive range of components for any pipeline system, including:

  • Multi-port manifolds
  • Branched runs
  • Elbows
  • Tees
  • Wyes
  • Reducers
  • Expansion barrels
  • Threadolets
  • Multiple coupling options
  • And more!

All Iracore components are manufactured in our state-of-the-art, ISO-9001-certified facilities. We are capable of producing parts up to 60′ in length, available in a wide variety of diameters. Our multiple facilities are capable of industry-leading turnaround and output, allowing us to support large-scope projects while ensuring consistent quality and unrivalled performance.

Proven Around the World

Iracore is proud to have valued partners around the world, spanning a wide range of heavy industrial sectors across three continents. With extensive experience in the oil sands, mining, dredging, and aggregate industries, we continue to leverage our knowledge to develop innovative solutions. The result? Iracore polyurethane lining products have been proven to offer unrivalled durability and value through independent testing in numerous applications.

If your organization needs cutting-edge solutions to your industry’s unique wear challenges, Iracore’s record of innovation and performance makes us the ideal partner for your organization’s next project.

Need Polyurethane Pipe Lining?

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