Sand and salt spinners play an essential role in keeping roads safe in unforgiving winter conditions. Operators need to ensure their equipment remains in good working order, preferably without unnecessary repairs and maintenance costs.

Since 1957, Iracore’s commitment to innovation has consistently added value to industrial applications around the world. Today, our high-performance urethane sand and salt spinners are engineered to outlast conventional steel components, providing maximum durability and performance in the harshest climates and most demanding environments. Read on to learn more about Iracore sand and salt spinners.

A Step Above Stainless Steel

Today, most sand and salt spinners constructed using stainless steel. While steel is a durable and cost-effective material, it is susceptible to many forms of wear and abrasion, including impingement, direct impact, sliding, and other repeated stress. Further, stainless steel is subject to corrosion and decay from salts and other minerals, leading to corrosion, wear, shortened equipment lifespans, and increased maintenance/replacement costs.

Iracore sand spinners are manufactured using proprietary polyurethane compounds. Polyurethane is a superior wear material in demanding applications due to its high resistance to all forms of abrasion. Because of urethane’s smooth and frictionless surface, Iracore sand and salt spinners enhance material flow and reduce material buildup. Additionally, urethane’s chemical composition makes it highly resistant to corrosion. Switching to Iracore sand spinners can potentially save your operation thousands of dollars in maintenance and downtime, maximizing return on investment for you and your stakeholders.

Proven Leaders in Wear Technology

Iracore has over 60 years of success engineering wear components for applications across all industries. We’re proud to work with the oil & gas, mining, aggregate, power generation, transportation, and other industries to provide innovative wear materials that adds value to every operation.

Iracore’s ISO 9001-certified manufacturing facilities are capable of fast, high-volume output, allowing us to support projects of all sizes and scopes. Our commitment to consistent quality for our customers allows us to deliver top-quality wear materials on-time for any operation.

Looking for Sand Spinners?

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