No matter what the application, centrifugal pump liners are a critical component of your heavy industry operation. The right liner will allow optimal throughput in your system, minimizing downtime and maintenance while maximizing efficiency, equipment life, and return on investment. Conversely, a pump liner made of inferior materials will wear quickly, requiring frequent replacement and potentially damaging your fluid system’s components.

Iracore has been manufacturing pump liners for nearly 50 years as the original OEM manufacturer for many of the biggest names in split case centrifugal pumps. Today, our urethane pump liners set a new standard in quality, durability, and cost-effectiveness for heavy industry across North America. Read on to learn more about how Iracore pump liners can benefit your operation’s fluid system.

Polyurethane Solutions for Every Application

Unlike many other manufacturers, Iracore sources raw materials for our compounds directly from major chemical producers. Iracore’s team of chemists, engineers, technicians, and consultants work to develop proprietary polyurethane compounds suitable for specific applications and use cases. The compounds we use in our pump liners have been developed through decades of field knowledge to perform in demanding operating conditions.

Here is a partial list of the factors considered when formulating our compounds for pump liners:

  • Hardness (durometer)
  • Operating temperature range
  • Slurry or service environment composition (pH)
  • Particle size, shape and velocity on impact abrasion
  • Environmental factors (exposure to oil, water, other fluids, etc.)
  • Service life and typical modes of failure

Throughout the development process, Iracore polyurethane compounds are subjected to rigorous scientific trials to ensure optimum performance. By the time our pump liners reach our customers, they have passed the highest safety and quality standards. No matter what the application, Iracore urethane pump liners provide exceptional value and unmatched performance 100% of the time.

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Consistency & Reliability In Any Pump

Iracore pump liners are drop-in replacements in nearly any pump, no matter brand or size. Our components are lightweight, easy to install, and dimensionally accurate to ensure a perfect fit and optimal efficiency.

When installed in slurry pumps, Iracore pump liners have shown 2 to 3 times the wear life of other urethane and rubber components. Compared to the competition, Iracore pump liners are more consistently durable than any other product on the market. What does this mean for your business? The consistent performance of Iracore pipe liners can save your operation thousands of dollars in maintenance and downtime, maximizing efficiency and return on investment for you and your stakeholders.

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