Most launders and chutes in heavy industrial applications are lined with stainless steel. While steel is used in many industrial applications, it is vulnerable to many forms of abrasion, including impingement, direct impact, sliding, and other repeated stress. Especially when conveying corrosive and acidic materials, these chutes are vulnerable to premature wear, leading to shorter equipment lifespans and increased maintenance/replacement costs.

Iracore’s launder and chute liners are an effective way to protect any operation’s launders and chutes, enabling long-lasting, value-adding performance. With over half a century worth of experience manufacturing wear materials for heavy industry, Iracore is a trusted provider of durable, reliable components for operations of all sizes and scopes. Learn more about Iracore launder and chute liners below.

Made From the Right Materials

Iracore chute liners are manufactured using our proprietary polyurethane compounds. Urethane is a durable, versatile wear material in lining applications due to its high resistance to abrasion and corrosion under the most challenging operating conditions.

Unlike suppliers offering one-size-fits-most wear materials, Iracore sources raw materials from major chemical producers to engineer optimum compounds for every unique application. Your process’s chemical composition, abrasion type, and operating conditions are all carefully considered by our in-house chemists and engineers while designing and manufacturing your components for maximum durability and performance.

Iracore chute liners have been proven in the lab and out in the field to enhance slurry flow and reduce material buildup. Iracore chute liners can save your operation time and money through less maintenance and downtime, maximizing your operation’s efficiency and return on investment for you and your stakeholders.

Made to Integrate With Your Process

As an OEM supplier for many of the biggest names in heavy industry, Iracore has proven experience in engineering components that integrate seamlessly with any process. No matter your system’s requirements, operations can rely on Iracore to deliver dimensionally accurate, easy-to-install chute liners that outperform anything else.

Iracore chute liners are available in a complete range of standard specifications, with custom-designed components available for unique and challenging applications. Work with our expert team of chemists and engineers to select custom materials and design chute liners tailored to your specific needs.

Made to Meet Your Needs

Iracore’s industry-leading manufacturing facilities enable us to support operations of all sizes and scopes. Our ISO 9001-certified quality management system ensures fast, high-volume output without sacrificing quality or performance. Coupled with unbeatable value and exceptional service, Iracore is ready to add value to any operation through innovative, reliable wear materials that meet the needs of today’s heavy industry.

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