For many industrial operations, launders and chutes are often an afterthought. Many times, they aren’t considered until they need either repair or replacement. Like any routine maintenance, repairing or replacing a steel launder or chute costs organizations time and money. These costs can be minimized by incorporating a chute liner into your process; the right liner will protect the steel underneath, preventing corrosion and abrasion while extending equipment life.

Iracore is proud to manufacture a complete range of launder and chute liners suitable for any application. They are engineered to outlast conventional steel launders and chutes, providing lightweight, easy-to-install solutions to some of the most common wear challenges organizations face today. Read on to learn more about the benefits of Iracore launder and chute liners.

Engineered to Last

Iracore manufactures its launder and chute liners using proprietary urethane compounds designed for maximum durability and performance. Over decades of dedicated research, we’ve developed ideal urethanes for high-wear applications with smooth and slick surfaces to enhance slurry flow and reduce wear and buildup. The result? Cost savings for your operation thanks to reduced downtime and frequent repairs.

Custom-Designed for Seamless Integration

Iracore launder and chute liners are designed to integrate perfectly with every process and system. Our liners offer a custom fit for a wide range of launder and chute styles, including:

  • V-shaped
  • U-shaped
  • Square-bottom
  • Tapered launders and chutes
  • “Shingled” leading and trailing ends for a leak-free fit

Our chute liners are available with a wide range of fastening options, ensuring a fast, easy installation into your existing system.

Ready for Any Wear Challenge

Our industry-leading manufacturing facilities and output capacity make Iracore a leading choice for wear solutions of all scopes. In addition to chute liners, Iracore is proud to offer a complete range of rubber and urethane wear components for any heavy industrial application.

Backed by ISO 9001 certification, our stringent quality control standards ensure our customers get high-performance components they can rely on. No matter your organization’s wear material needs, you can depend on Iracore to provide exceptional value and service while keeping you on the cutting edge of wear technology.

Looking for Chute Liners?

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