Froth flotation is a key process in mining operations around the world, enabling the extraction of minerals from lower-grade ore and increasing overall. Froth flotation processes are also used in paper recycling and wastewater processing operations. Across all industries, top-quality flotation components play a large role in increasing the efficiency of your flotation process, providing additional value through top performance and extended equipment lifespans.

For over half a century, Iracore has manufactured flotation equipment for a wide variety of industrial processes, engineering custom components tailored to our client’s unique needs. Today, we’re proud to offer urethane flotation wear components that provide exceptional durability and unbeatable value. Learn more about how Iracore can help you get the most out of your flotation equipment below.

Engineered for Maximum Performance

Unlike other manufacturers who use generic compounds for their components, Iracore engineers polyurethane compounds specifically tailored to flotation applications. Maximum efficiency won’t come from a one-size-fits-most material; our wear components are designed from the ground up for optimum performance and durability.

Utilizing decades of experience working closely with our partners in the mining industry, Iracore engineers compounds and components to meet mining’s rigorous operating conditions while delivering unbeatable quality and performance. In independent field and lab testing, Iracore flotation components have been shown to have two to three times longer lifespans compared to other urethane and rubber components.

Optimal Recovery Rates Through the Perfect Fit

Poorly engineered flotation parts wear out quickly, increasing your operation’s maintenance, downtime and replacement costs in both the short and long term. Even worse, inferior components can inadvertently limit product recovery, hurting your operation’s profitability. When choosing flotation components for your next project, the right supplier will enable you to maximize your operation’s productivity while saving time and money throughout your equipment’s operating life.

Iracore’s flotation wear components are designed for optimal fit with the wide variety of processes and equipment in use today. With decades of experience as an OEM manufacturer for some of the biggest names in North American mining equipment, we have the knowledge and experience to engineer flotation solutions for any challenge. Our high-quality construction allows our customers to have some of the highest recovery rates in the industry, while our engineered polyurethane materials add value through longer lifespans and lower maintenance costs.

Expertise & Experience – The Iracore Difference

For over sixty years, Iracore has been a proud supplier for mining operations of all sizes and scopes across North America. Today, we use centuries of combined knowledge and experience to engineer innovative solutions for our customers across numerous industrial applications. Our in-house team of chemists, engineers, technicians, and consultants are driven to design wear technology that meets all technical standards and specifications while delivering unrivalled performance and durability. Rigorous field and lab testing show that Iracore urethane compounds are some of the most durable, reliable materials available today.

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