From advanced slurry pipelines to mine de-watering processes, the mining and mineral processing industries face a unique set of challenges when it comes to wear materials for their piping systems. Since 1957, Iracore has helped operations meet these challenges through innovation, quality, and a commitment to finding solutions that add value for our customers.

Today, Iracore’s line of wear components features comprehensive solutions for the challenges faced in the mining industry. No matter what your process needs, your organization can rely on Iracore to provide innovative, high-performance wear materials that deliver unmatched performance and value. Learn more about our products for mining piping systems below.

Superior Wear Materials

Iracore products for the mining industry are manufactured using the highest quality materials available, including our proprietary polyurethane compounds. In many wear applications, urethane has been proven to be a superior wear material thanks to its resistance to abrasion, corrosion, and hydrocarbons found in many de-watering and slurry processes today.

Because of urethane’s naturally smooth and slick surface, Iracore wear components can help enhance slurry flow and reduce material buildup throughout your process. An efficient flow that’s easy on your equipment can save your operation on maintenance and downtime-related expenses, delivering optimal efficiency and return on investment for you and your stakeholders.

Unlike most other manufacturers, Iracore custom-engineers polyurethane compounds for every application and use case. Slurry composition, abrasion type, and other operating conditions are all carefully considered in the design and manufacturing process, ensuring optimal performance in your unique operating conditions.

Complete Solutions for the Mining Industry

Iracore offers a complete range of wear products for mining piping systems, including:

  • Urethane-Lined Pipe
  • Pump & Hydrocyclone Lining
  • Custom Rubber Lining
  • Aggregate Screens
  • Dead Bed Sleeves
  • Repair Kits
  • Sheet Goods
  • Flotation Components
  • Cross Over Pads
  • Rubber-Lined Pipe
  • And more!

Iracore is proud to provide comprehensive, multi-material components for today’s advanced mining operations. We also offer custom fabrication and manufacturing services for unique and challenging processes and applications. No matter what your operation needs, Iracore is ready to provide start-to-finish solutions with exceptional value.

Ready to Support Any Operation

Iracore is proud to work with operations of all sizes and scopes, using our industry-leading manufacturing facilities and processing capability to support the most demanding projects around the world. Our ISO 9001-certified quality control systems ensure that our customers receive the high-performance they need, where and when they need them.

Ready to Get Started?

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