Centrifugal pumps are found across a wide variety of heavy industries. No matter the application, the pump’s lining material plays a critical role in the system’s overall efficiency and operation. Like any wear component, the right pump liner will add value by allowing optimal throughput, minimizing downtime and maintenance while maximizing efficiency, equipment life, and return on investment. On the other hand, an inferior pump liner will require frequent (and expensive) maintenance and replacement, and could potentially damage other system components.

Iracore has been manufacturing pump liners for nearly 50 years as an OEM manufacturer for the biggest manufacturers of split case centrifugal pumps. Today, our urethane pump liners continue to elevate standards of quality, durability, and cost-effectiveness for heavy industry around the world. Discover how Iracore pump liners outperform the competition below.

Superior Materials for Superior Performance

All Iracore pump liners are manufactured using the highest quality materials available, including our proprietary polyurethane compounds. Urethane is a superior wear material in many pump lining applications due to its high resistance to abrasion, corrosion, and tearing under the most demanding conditions.

Iracore sources raw materials for our compounds directly from major chemical producers to engineer optimum polyurethane compounds for every application and use case. Chemical composition, abrasion type, and operating conditions are all carefully considered through the design and manufacturing process.  For most use cases, Iracore’s patented 2140 compound offers maximum durability and performance for our customers.

In independent field and lab testing, Iracore polyurethane pump liners have been proven to last 2 to 3 times longer than conventional urethane and rubber components. The consistent performance of Iracore products can save your operation thousands of dollars in maintenance and downtime, maximizing efficiency and return on investment for you and your stakeholders.

Precision Fit in Every Use

As an OEM manufacturer for the biggest pump producers across North America, Iracore has proven experience engineering wear components that integrate seamlessly with any pump system. No matter what your system requires, Iracore pump liners deliver dimensionally accurate, easy-to-install components that consistently outperform the competition.

For unique systems and operational requirements, Iracore offers custom-designed wear components for a wide variety of applications. Work with our expert team of chemists and engineers to select custom materials and design pump liners tailored to your operation’s needs.

Industry-Leading Production & Service

Iracore’s manufacturing facilities are capable of high-volume output, allowing us to support projects of all sizes and scopes around the world. We are committed to our ISO 9001 quality management system, allowing us to deliver high-performance wear materials on-time for any operation.

With hundreds of thousands of molded and cast parts used in operations worldwide, Iracore is a field-proven leader in wear material engineering and manufacturing. No matter what heavy industry may face, our commitment to innovation, performance, and value will continue to provide our customers with the solutions they need for wear material challenges.

Need Pump Liners?

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