There are plenty of suppliers offering rubber-based wear components for heavy industrial applications in today’s competitive landscape. Organizations have more choices than ever; it can be challenging to know which supplier will provide the best value in both the short and long-terms. Make no mistake: your operation’s wear materials can profoundly affect processes’ efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and overall return on investment.

For over 60 years, Iracore has been a North American leader in wear technology, offering high-performance rubber wear components for countless applications. No matter your organization’s needs, Iracore provides industrial rubber components that deliver unrivaled performance and unmatched value. Read on to learn more about Iracore’s industrial rubber products.

Proven Materials

What does Iracore know about industrial rubber? Well, it used to be our name!

In 1957, Industrial Rubber took its first customer orders for rubber-lined pipe for Minnesota’s growing mining industry. More than 60 years later, Iracore continues our legacy by providing our clients with the best rubber-lined components available.

Different rubber compounds will be more or less suitable for your project depending on particle size, temperatures, and the chemical makeup present in your fluid system. Today, Iracore is proud to offer an industry-leading selection of rubber compounds, including:

  • Soft Natural Gum Rubber
  • Chlorobutyl/Bromobutyl
  • Moderate Oil Resistance (MOR) Rubber
  • Styrene-Butadiene (SBR) Rubber
  • Neoprene

No matter what your next project requires, Iracore offers a diverse product line that will meet your requirements. While many things have changed over the last six decades, our commitment to supplying our customers with reliable wear components remains the same.

Everything Your Operation Needs

Our product line continues to expand to meet our customers’ needs around the world. Today, our comprehensive inventory includes:

  • Rubber-Lined Pipe
  • Pump Liners
  • Launder and Chute Liners
  • Fitting and Component Liners
  • Repair Kits
  • And Much More!

Additionally, Iracore offers relining services for your operation’s existing parts and components. Rubber is removed using air, grit, and water-blasting systems. Once this is complete, we inspect your components for dimensional and mechanical integrity before surface preparation and relining.

Industry-Leading Manufacturing

Iracore manufacturing facilities boast the largest autoclaves in the industry, featuring a 14′ diameter and a 60′ length. We manufacture components for every customer requirement, from 3″ to the largest sizes in production today, all fully compliant with ASME standards. A team of highly skilled tradespeople operates our equipment with decades of combined experience crafting high-quality components for demanding industrial applications. Our facilities are ISO 9001-certified, ensuring consistent quality for our customers across all industries.

Looking for Rubber Wear Solutions?

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