In the mining and aggregate industries, screen panels are subject to many forms of abrasion and deterioration from high impacts, coarse materials, and more. For operations looking to maximize efficiency and productivity, long-lasting screen panels can reduce downtime, lower maintenance costs, and increase throughput and ROI. Screen panels made from top-quality wear materials last longer, require less upkeep and can keep your operation running smoothly with increased productivity.

For over half a century, Iracore has designed and manufactured industry-leading wear components for heavy industry around the world. Today, Iracore offers a complete range of aggregate screen panels and accessories to elevate mining and aggregate production through unrivalled performance and reliability. Learn more about how Iracore produces industry-leading aggregate screens below.

Performance-Engineered Wear Materials

In the 1970s, Iracore was one of the first companies to use engineered urethane in heavy industrial wear applications. Since then, we’ve continually innovated high-performance compounds, primers, adhesives, and application methods that keep raising the bar for performance, durability, and value.

Today, Iracore uses proprietary urethane compounds to manufacture a complete range of high-performance wear components, including aggregate screens and accessories. Unlike most suppliers and manufacturers, Iracore sources raw materials directly from major chemical producers to engineer unique compounds specifically designed for our customers’ use cases. Our team of chemists, engineers, technicians and consultants is ready to help you find the optimum compound for your processes to provide maximum durability and performance in any application.

Proven Reliability

Iracore’s complete range of aggregate screens and accessories is ready to integrate with any system or process. Our standard and custom-designed screen panels offer unrivalled fit and performance, precision manufactured to meet the most rigorous specifications. No matter how demanding the requirements, Iracore aggregate screens provide reliable performance and durability.

With more than 60 years of knowledge and experience in the mining and aggregate industries, we understand the importance of dependable wear components in every part of an operation. Independent laboratory and field tests have shown Iracore polyurethane compounds are some of the most durable, reliable wear materials available with up to a 40% longer lifespan than other comparable products. Longer lifespans mean less maintenance, repairs, and downtime, increased productivity, and a superior return on investment for you and your stakeholders.

Ready for Any Challenge

Industry-leading manufacturing facilities and production capabilities make Iracore a leading choice for mining and aggregate operations worldwide. Backed by ISO 9001 quality management certification, our standards ensure our customers get high-performance screen panels they can rely on every time. No matter your organization’s wear material needs, you can rely on Iracore to provide exceptional products and services that keep you on the cutting edge of wear technology.

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