In the mining and aggregate industries, wear materials are regularly pushed to their limits. Reliability and durability are tested at every phase of your process, and wear components that last longer and perform better can add value through decreased maintenance and replacement costs.

Since 1972, Iracore has manufactured industry-leading wear materials for customers in a wide variety of heavy industries. Today, our customers rely on us to deliver high-quality, dependable aggregate screen panels and accessories that offer unmatched performance and durability under the most demanding conditions. Learn more about how Iracore aggregate screens can add value to your operation below.

Performance-Engineered Wear Materials

Iracore aggregate screens are manufactured using proprietary urethane compounds. Over the last 40 years, we’ve engineered unique compounds, primers, adhesives, and manufacturing methods tailored to our customer’s unique needs. Our expert team can help find the ideal compound for your aggregate screens to provide unrivalled durability, unmatched lifespans, and maximum performance.

Increased Durability in Any System

Iracore offers a complete range of aggregate screens and accessories suitable for any system. Our standard and custom-fabricated screens provide effective screening of copper, gold, molybdenum, phosphate, iron ore, limestone, and other aggregates. Having worked as an OEM manufacturer for numerous equipment companies, our aggregate screens provide a perfect fit and unbeatable performance in any operating conditions.

Like any wear component, an aggregate screen that lasts longer saves operations time and money through lower maintenance and replacement costs. Independent laboratory testing has repeatedly shown Iracore polyurethane compounds to be some of the most durable, reliable materials on the market today. On average, Iracore aggregate screens have up to a 40% longer lifespan than other comparable parts. Longer lifespans mean less maintenance, repairs, and downtime, leading to increased productivity and a greater return on investment for you and your stakeholders.

Ready for Any Challenge

Iracore’s extensive manufacturing facilities and output capacity make us the ideal choice for aggregate operations of all scopes. Backed by ISO 9001 quality management certification, our stringent quality control standards ensure our customers get high-performance screens they can depend on. No matter your organization’s wear material needs, you can rely on Iracore to provide exceptional value and service while keeping you at the forefront of wear technology.

Looking for Aggregate Screens?

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