Hydrocyclones, by their nature, have incredibly high demands of their wear components. The right lining for your hydrocyclones will add value to your operation through improved operating life, lower maintenance and replacement costs, and increased uptime and productivity. Conversely, an inferior liner will require frequent (and expensive) maintenance and potentially expose your entire system to unnecessary wear and tear. To avoid these pitfalls, it is crucial to select wear materials that are up to the job.

Since 1957, Iracore has engineered high-performance wear materials for heavy industry across North America and around the world. Our hydrocyclone liners set a new standard for durability and cost-effectiveness across all industries and use cases. Learn more about how Iracore hydrocyclone liners offer superior durability, performance, and value for your system below.

Engineered Polyurethane Solutions

All Iracore hydrocyclone liners are manufactured using proprietary polyurethane compounds designed to handle unique demands across heavy industry. Urethane is a superior wear material in hydrocyclone applications due to its resistance to abrasion, corrosion, and tearing.

Iracore sources raw materials for our compounds directly from major chemical producers to engineer the perfect polyurethane compounds for every application and use case. The 2130 compound we use in our hydrocyclone liners has been continuously developed through decades of field knowledge to perform in the most demanding operating conditions. For the most challenging applications, our urethane compound can be combined with ceramic to further increase durability in high-wear areas.

Proven Performance

In independent field and lab testing, Iracore polyurethane has been proven to last 2 to 3 times longer than conventional urethane and rubber components in hydrocyclone application. The consistent performance of Iracore products can save your operation thousands of dollars in maintenance and downtime, maximizing efficiency and return on investment for you and your stakeholders.

Custom Wear Materials for Any Operation

Iracore hydrocyclone liners are drop-in replacements in nearly any hydrocyclone, no matter brand or size. Our components are lightweight, easy to install, and dimensionally accurate to ensure a perfect fit and optimal efficiency. Cast-in-place options are also available where required.

For unique systems and requirements, Iracore offers custom-designed wear components for a wide variety of applications. Work with our expert team of chemists and engineers to design custom liners tailored to your operation’s needs.

Iracore’s industry-leading manufacturing facilities are capable of high-volume output, allowing us to support projects of all sizes and scopes around the world. We are committed to our ISO 9001 quality management system, allowing us to deliver high-performance wear materials on-time for any operation.

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