Neoprene is an excellent general-purpose rubber that performs well in many use cases. Its performance characteristics and versatility make it a common and highly effective choice for lining pipe fittings and other high-impact wear applications.

With over 60 years’ experience spanning heavy industry around the world, Iracore is an industry leader in providing top-quality wear materials, coupled with unbeatable value and world-class service. Read on to learn more about the benefits of neoprene lining, as well as Iracore provides world-class lining solutions across numerous heavy industries.

A Perfect Combination of Physical Properties

Neoprene’s popularity in lining applications is mainly due to its unique physical characteristics.

First, neoprene’s elasticity and resilience makes it ideal for applications with high-impact, high-velocity fluids. Compared to other liners, neoprene has superior resistance to abrasion caused by direct-hits and impingement (as found in turbulent slurry applications). In addition to being a solid choice for pipe lining, many pipe systems rely on neoprene-lined fittings to minimize wear in areas where fluid makes a sharp, high-impact change of direction.

Next, neoprene’s resistance to oil and hydrocarbons makes it an ideal choice for many applications in the oil and gas sectors. While many natural and synthetic rubbers have a comparable resistance to ozone, weathering and abrasion, only neoprene provides these characteristics with the ability to withstand high levels of oils and hydrocarbons. While neoprene and traditional rubber share many characteristics, neoprene’s greatly improved resistance to hydrocarbons makes it an ideal choice for systems required to withstand oil, such as in the oil and gas and oil sands industries.

Finally, neoprene has strong insulative properties to help maintain heat and temperature in an operation’s pipe system. Especially in frigid weather conditions, neoprene-lined components can help prevent freeze-ups and minimize downtime, maintenance, and repairs. Additionally, neoprene lining can help keep heat inside your fluid system, leading to energy savings, decreased fuel consumption, and lower operating costs.

Neoprene-Lined Pipe Products at Iracore

Iracore offers a comprehensive selection of neoprene-lined pipes and fittings suitable for any heavy industrial application. No matter what your next project needs, Iracore is committed to finding innovative wear solutions that meet your operating requirements and budget.

Iracore’s neoprene-lined components undergo vulcanization (curing) to enhance performance properties and maximize durability. With some of the largest autoclaves in the industry, Iracore regularly cures neoprene-lined pipe in lengths up to 60 feet. Our production capabilities allow us to support operations and system requirements of all sizes.

Our ISO 9001-certified manufacturing facilities ensure that we can efficiently produce the neoprene-lined parts our customers need, exceeding the quality standards they’ve come to expect. No matter your operation’s requirements, Iracore produces neoprene-lined products that provide excellent value and exceptional performance 100% of the time.

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