Heavy industrial applications demand the most of their equipment and wear components are no exception. No matter the industry or process, longer lifespans and lower maintenance costs are key to a successful and profitable operation.

For customers looking to get the most out of their lined pipe, Iracore proudly provides field repair kits suitable for a complete range of wear components and applications. Iracore repair kits help minimize downtime and increase productivity by providing fast, easy, and durable repairs to keep your system up and running. Read on to learn more about the benefits and applications of Iracore repair kits below.

Compounds for Every Use-Case

Iracore repair kits feature proprietary polyurethane compounds specially formulated for fast, efficient repairs in a wide variety of processes and applications. Unlike many kits featuring generic compound and bonding agents, our IRAPAIR systems are engineered in-house for optimal strength and durability, as well as easy application and minimal downtime. The FASTFIX compounds used in our repair kits have been developed through decades of field and lab testing to ensure peak performance in the most demanding working conditions.

IRAPAIR 255 is a two-component trowel-grade urethane compound suitable for a wide variety of applications. Engineered to be troweled to thicknesses of 1 inch on a vertical surface without sagging, IRAPAIR 255 is ideal for protecting your lined pipes against damage caused by abrasion, heat, humidity or moderate concentrations of mineral acid or alkalines. It is equally at home sealing and protecting joints in tanks, slurry pipelines, and re-enforce process areas subject to impact and abrasion.

For time-sensitive repairs and maintenance, IRAPAIR FASTFIX 275 is your go-to for lined pipe, pump liners, or any metal or urethane surface. The FASTFIX 275 high-performance urethane compound cures in as little as four hours at room temperature, allowing your equipment to return to service without unnecessary delays.

Iracore repair kits come complete with everything you need for routine maintenance and repairs. In addition to our high-performance polyurethane compounds, each kit includes disposable gloves, mixing and application tools, and complete instructions for surface preparation and use. By providing our customers with everything they need to get the job done, IRAPAIR kits can help minimize your system’s downtime and maximizing productivity in any application.

Comprehensive Wear Solutions with Iracore

In addition to repair kits, Iracore proudly offers a complete range of rubber and urethane compounds and components for projects and processes across all heavy industries. Our expert team is ready to help you find the ideal solution for your operation’s wear challenges while providing exceptional service.

Looking for Repair Kits?

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