When the time comes to perform preventative maintenance or make repairs, Iracore repair kits are an ideal solution for extending the life of your conveyor belts. Compatible with nearly any material, our FASTFIX compounds are perfect for quick, easy repairs to get your operation up and running smoothly and efficiently. Read on to learn more about using Iracore FASTFIX repair kits to make conveyor belt repairs, as well as the comprehensive range of high-performance compounds available in Iracore repair kits.

Preparing the Conveyor Belt and Compounds for Repair

Before mixing compounds and beginning repairs, ensure all parts and materials are ready. Our FASTFIX compounds work best at room temperature; warming them before starting will ensure easy mixing and handling.

Begin by removing damaged rubber or urethane by cutting or shaving with a sharp knife. Next, scrub the repair area with IRASOLVE CLEANER and paper towels (use the included rubber gloves). After, scrub the urethane to be repaired with an abrasive pad wetted with IRASOLVE CLEANER before wiping the repair area with cleaner and paper towels. You’ll know your surface is ready for application when the black colour does not transfer to towels. Allow to dry completely.

Applying FASTFIX Compounds

Apply the included FL20 adhesive to the repair area. Allow it to dry for at least 20 minutes, but no longer than 1 hour. While it’s drying, mix your FASTFIX compound of choice following the package directions. When ready, use a trowel to apply FASTFIX to the repair area. Remember: the pot life of FASTFIX compounds is short (10-15 minutes at room temperature).

FASTFIX compounds will take as little as 4 hours at room temperatures. Once cured, the repair area can be ground flush using a 36 grit sanding disc. Keep the grinder at a low rpm to avoid overheating the FASTFIX repair. Once this is complete, your urethane liner is completely repaired and can be returned to service.

Urethane Liner Repair Kits with Iracore

Iracore offers two complete repair kits that cover a range of urethane liner applications. Our kits are compatible with nearly every urethane lining (even that of our competition) and include everything you need to make fast, easy repairs.

For conveyor belts, we recommend using our IRAPAIR FASTFIX 275 compound. With its easy application process and fast curing time, FASTFIX 275 is your go-to for making fast, durable repairs to get your operation up and running. The high-performance urethane compound cures quickly at room temperatures, allowing your system to return to service in as little as four hours.

Looking for Conveyor Belt Repair Kits?

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