Across all industries and applications, pipe lining can play a significant role in every process’s efficiency and productivity. Inferior or inappropriate lining materials are prone to premature wear, causing unnecessary downtime for maintenance and repair, or even potential damage to your processes and equipment. Whether you’re in mining, aggregate production, oil and gas, or another heavy industry, your next project needs the right material for the job.

Since 1957, Iracore has been an industry leader in designing and manufacturing cutting-edge wear materials for heavy industrial applications. Today, we proudly offer a complete range of lined pipe solutions suitable for nearly any application or use case. Read on to learn more about the wear materials we offer, as well as how Iracore can add value to your operation through dependable components for any process.

Urethane-Lined Pipe

If durability in demanding conditions is your organization’s top priority, urethane-lined pipe is the ideal solution. Urethane consistently outperforms unlined steel pipe and metallic pipe liners, especially in environments where caustic materials and hydrocarbons are present. Overall, urethane provides cost and safety advantages while maximizing throughput and keeping your operation running smoothly and efficiently.

Unlike most urethane parts suppliers, Iracore sources raw materials directly from major chemical producers to engineer custom polyurethanes for every use case. Our in-house chemists use decades of field and lab knowledge to engineer high-performance compounds for our customers’ unique needs, ensuring that meet every quality, performance, and safety requirement.

Rubber-Lined Pipe

Natural and synthetic rubber compounds have been popular wear materials for nearly a century. In today’s market, there are countless rubber-based compounds suitable for nearly every pipe lining application, often striking a favourable balance between cost-efficiency and high performance in a wide variety of use cases.

Iracore has been manufacturing rubber-lined pipe for projects and organizations across North America since 1957. Leveraging over 60 years of proven experience, our experts can help you find the optimum rubber for the chemical compositions, particle size, and temperatures in your process. Available rubber compounds include:

  • Soft Natural Gum Rubber
  • Chlorobutyl/Bromobutyl
  • Moderate Oil Resistance (MOR) Rubber
  • Styrene-Butadiene (SBR) Rubber


Neoprene-lined pipes and fittings are ideal for applications involving high-impact, high-velocity fluid and slurry transportation. Its resilience makes it perfect for processes requiring corrosion and turbulence resistance, particularly water lines and slurry applications. Additionally, neoprene’s insulative properties are suitable for systems where maintaining a consistent temperature (commonly, preventing the cold wall effect) is critical.

With its lightweight, long service life, and ease of repair/relining, Iracore neoprene products are a high-performance, cost-effective alternative to carbon steel pipe lining, providing superior corrosion resistance and durability at significantly lower costs.

Your First Choice for Quality

Iracore proudly offers a complete range of compounds and materials for operations of all sizes and scopes. Industry-leading manufacturing facilities and production capabilities make us a leading choice for operations requiring fast, efficient manufacturing without sacrificing quality. Backed by ISO 9001 quality management certification, our standards ensure our customers get high-performance lined pipe they can rely on every time. No matter what your system requires, our expert team can help you find the solution your operation needs for safe, efficient production.

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