For over 60 years, Iracore has manufactured industry-leading rubber components for industrial operations across North America and around the world. Across all sectors and applications, our valued customers rely on us for a wide variety of wear components and materials that consistently stand up to all forms of abrasion, corrosion, and wear, delivering reliable performance and ROI.

Today, Iracore offers a comprehensive range of rubber-lined pipe products suitable for use in any industrial application. No matter what your next project requires, Iracore offers a complete range of wear materials engineered to meet your operation’s unique needs. Read on to learn more about Iracore’s rubber-lined pipe products.

Industry-Leading Rubber Compounds

Rubber has remained a common wear material for over a century, thanks to its low cost and versatility. While efficiency and value are essential, performance and durability are also key considerations in getting the most out of your lined pipe. The right rubber compound will keep your process running smoothly while providing exceptional value through long, predictable wear cycles and reduces repair and maintenance costs.

Iracore offers a complete range of rubber lining compounds suitable for every use, including:

  • Soft Natural Gum Rubber
  • Chlorobutyl/Bromobutyl
  • Moderate Oil Resistance (MOR) Rubber
  • Styrene-Butadiene (SBR) Rubber
  • Neoprene

Unlike many suppliers and distributors, Iracore’s team of specialists engineers unique, proprietary compounds for use in wear applications. Rather than supply “one-size-fits-most” solutions, we strive to create the ideal lining compound for our customers’ specific needs, providing exceptional value through unrivalled performance and durability. Rigorous independent laboratory testing shows that Iracore lining compounds lead the way in durability, with lining comparison tests demonstrating up to double the life expectancy of other lining materials.

Solutions in All Shapes and Sizes

In addition to a comprehensive range of rubber compounds, Iracore’s industry-leading manufacturing facilities allow us to support any project.

Iracore manufacturing facilities boast the largest autoclaves in the industry, featuring a 14′ diameter and a 60′ length. We manufacture lined pipe solutions for any customer requirement, from 3″ to the largest sizes in production today, all fully compliant with ASME standards.

Our industry-leading manufacturing facilities and output capacity make Iracore a leading choice for wear solutions of all scopes. In addition to rubber-lined pipe, Iracore is proud to offer a complete range of rubber and urethane wear components for any heavy industrial application.

Backed by ISO 9001 certification, our stringent quality control standards ensure our customers get high-performance components they can rely on. No matter your organization’s wear material needs, you can depend on Iracore to provide exceptional value while delivering innovative wear solutions for any requirements.

Looking for Rubber-Lined-Pipe?

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