Over 50 years of lining pipe for industrial applications

Pioneers in engineering elastomeric pipe liners

Iracore International Inc., based in Hibbing, MN, produces the Iracore lined pipe system for oil sand slurry transport and tailings disposal. Over the course of more than 50 years, we have built a worldwide reputation for lining pipe to protect against abrasion and corrosion in the most challenging conditions.

After our founding in 1957, we quickly established ourselves as an innovator in the use of rubber to line pipe. We soon began focusing on developing more advanced internal pipe coatings and techniques for applying them. Early in our company’s history, we assembled a talented team of chemists, engineers, technicians and consultants to design a urethane-based compound expressly for lining pipe. The result: Iracore International became one of the first companies to produce urethane lined pipe more than four decades ago.